About us

We are the only Public Affairs consultant in Argentina, with our own system of legislative monitoring and government actions throughout the country. We have more than 20 years of experience which guarantees the quality of our work.

We have the presence of a permanent team of professionals throughout Latin America: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, which allows us to provide our clients with a systematized monitoring service of the relevant issues for each industry.

Since 1998, BLapp is made up of an interdisciplinary team of professional lawyers, graduates in social communication, journalists and political scientists with the mission of strengthening the management of our clients’ interests within the framework of strengthening the State and Civil Society. To this end, we carry out different strategies of relationship and communication, risk management and early warnings that allow us to propose and coordinate different action plans.


Public Affairs
Crisis management Diagnosis and analysis of risks and opportunities
Analysis of the political map
Communication and relationship plans with the public sector, the third sector and stakeholders.
Interest management
Parliamentary monitoring and new regulations

Analysis of political and legal impact
Regional service


We continually analyse  political, social and economic scenario to integrate our evaluations into the strategic planning process of our clients’ public affairs, through the best practices of interest management before public sector authorities.

We make an approach to public activity through an effective and transparent interaction with the State, with the third sector and stakeholders in order to build links that allow sustainable relationships in the pursuit of objectives.

Among the actions that are carried out from our Consultant, we can detail the following:

  • Early warning of public policies and interpretation of the direction of government actions.
  • Interpretation for the government of the actions of the company or sector.
  • Risk reduction and opportunity detection
  • Positioning of the company

We are specialists in crisis management at the governmental level.

The loss of confidence and the consequences of the crisis due to the lack of preventive actions, affects the positioning of companies and organizations, generating negative consequences in the short, medium and long term with a strong impact on the future of the business.

We generate and coordinate strategies that combine communication and relationship plans focused on improving the company’s position to overcome crises and promote the sustainability of the business.


We are specialists in crisis management with  in the public sector. The loss of confidence and the consequences of crises affects the people’s relationship with  the public sector, represented by  immediate damage and risks, as wll as other medium and long term risks with a strong impact on the future of the business.


We anticipate actions and regulatory scenarios based on legislative monitoring in the National Congress and local legislatures, the public agenda of legislators and key decision-makers, generating different periodic information tools for our clients.


We have a permanent monitoring and legislative monitoring service that offers systematized information of the countries of the region: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, among others. Through our general coordination based in the City of Buenos Aires, we generate the information tools, both periodic and requested by our customers.


Our interdisciplinary team makes special reports made-to-measure the needs of the client and your business.

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